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Providing relevant genetic insight for planning a happy and healthy family.

When test results shape personal futures, Sequenom Laboratories is your trusted ally. As the pioneer of genetic testing for reproductive health, we offer unmatched expertise and the largest collection of laboratory tests. Our flexible test options fit your individualized needs, and our dedicated, responsive, and accessible Customer Experience team delivers personalized attention with integrity.

Reproductive health

Take confidence in the broadest offering of highly-accurate reproductive health tests currently available.

Our extensive collection of tests span:

  • Pre-conception & prenatal carrier screening to assess risk of hereditary conditions
  • Noninvasive prenatal testing to identify chromosomal abnormalities
  • Prenatal diagnostic testing for cases requiring further investigation

Sequenom Laboratories counseling services

Genetic testing is complicated but understanding your test results and the clinical implication for you and your family should not be.

Sequenom counseling services allows you to:

  • Access genetic counseling 
  • Engage with our expert team of board-certified genetic counselors 
  • Understand your genetics, possible implications, and review potential next steps 

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